How To Use A Concrete Grinder On The Garage Floor

There are a few tasks which require professional help who can handle heavy machinery well. They must be familiar with the said machine so they can perform the task without any problem. Some of these tasks may require help but if you learn to use the machine yourself, it may become easier to do as you know how and what type of results you want. Same goes for the garage floor. For this area, a concrete grinder is used. It may not seem important but to maintain the surface for vehicles so they face no problem, it is important to smooth out the surface. 

The process of grinding the concrete floor is not easy but can be performed if a person understands how to use the grinder. Although the grinder is rather expensive equipment which cannot be bought by a normal person themselves, it needs to be rented. The first step, before starting to use the grinder, it is necessary to perform repairs on the cracks, and pits to make it as smooth as possible with simple tools. After the repairs are done, clean the floor from any dust or concrete leftovers and spots from oil or grease. Grinding doesn’t remove stains so it has to be done beforehand. Next, equip yourself with dust protection gloves and masks as the concrete grinder sends out the concrete bits in the form of dust which can be harmful to you. 

Spray water all over the surface required for grinding up to the walls. Make sure the whole area remains wet until the grinder completes its work. If the wetness of the surface dries down before the grinder completes its work, the floor will not be ground smoothly and may lead to other problems. Start the grinder and use at one small area in the start. Keep moving in on the surface until you feel like the area is level enough. To check it, use your hand and brush it lightly over the surface. If it is feeling like soft sandpaper, consider the area done. It is important to note how the machine is supposed to move. First, the motions need to be side by side and then for the final run over, use it in a circular motion. You can also estimate by the movements how long will a particular area take. Make sure to run the machine all over the floor till the walls.

Finally, clean the area with a spray nozzle but this time with more pressure so that the dust also washes away. For a polished concrete garage, use floor polisher and sweep the floor with it. This extra step only gives the floor a newer look.