Home recladding in Central Auckland

Laughable Mistakes to Avoid During Home Recladding in Central Auckland

Home recladding in Central Auckland is a good idea but it can be dismaying if one does not do it correctly. Therefore, potential clients need to know the top mistakes to note to avoid losing money. Poor cladding services can pose a safety risk to your family members.

Here are some unfortunate house cladding mistakes nobody can afford to make in 2023.

5 Regrettable Mistakes to Avoid When Getting Home Recladding in Central Auckland

Hiring an unqualified cladding worker

Unregistered cladding companies rarely provide satisfactory house recladding in Central Auckland. As a result, one has to keep contacting them to re-clad the house when the cladding materials fall off.

A client can avoid this by identifying qualified installers to do an impeccable job at a fair price.

Setting a ridiculous budget

This renovation activity is quite expensive as the cladding materials can cost USD100 each. Further, the installation specialist can charge more than USD35 per hour to install these materials around a house’s exterior.

Getting cheap cladding materials

Regrettably, some dealers supply substandard cladding materials to unaware buyers. Usually, such materials do not last long, exposing your home to harsh weather conditions.

As a result, a homeowner will have to request recladding services after some time. Legit cladding materials can last over 20 years as they’re rust-proof and rot-proof.

Failure to measure the exterior walls

An installer should be keen when measuring the house to assist their client in knowing the accurate budget. A measurement error can result in buying insufficient cladding materials, making these services inefficient.

The professional must clad and re-clad all the walls to ensure the new wall is rigid and damage-resistant.

Ignoring corner pieces

A professional should clad all the exterior walls, including the corners, to safeguard the house. Therefore, the client should avail enough budget for the installer to buy all the required materials.

Factors that Determine the Quality of Home Recladding Central Auckland Services

These are the underlying factors that influence the quality of home renovation services.

Installer’s expertise

An experienced cladding installer renders better quality services than a new one.

Cladding materials

Secondly, the quality of the recladding materials also determines how long they will last. A well-trained installer can distinguish good-quality cladding materials from substandard ones.

Closing Thoughts

A genuine home recladding Central Auckland professional should have undergone a house renovation course. Therefore, they understand cladding fundamentals to avoid making costly mistakes when serving clients.


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